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This isn’t a hobby.
We mean business

I’m Lisa, once described as the fairy godmother for interior designers. I’m here to help you build your dream interior design business.

Being an Interior Designer is a dream job for many, and rightly so, it’s such a rewarding profession. But, if you‘re thinking of setting up on your own, it’s not without its challenges.

The Interior Design industry can feel closed off and competitive, trade and supplier contacts fiercely guarded. It can all feel a bit exclusive and secretive, with established designers unwilling to share ‘insider knowledge’ and collaboration uncommon.

The Interior Design Insiders membership was born out of my wish to shake this up.

It can be quite isolating working on your own and I was keen to chat to other designers and get some guidance on all levels of my business.
Alix Stoney, Interior Design & Owner @ Amberley Studio

My background and experience.

At school I loved art, and wanted to be an interior designer or architect but took a different path.

After a career at Microsoft, where I gained a host of business, project management and leadership skills, I finally found my way back to a creative life, and re-trained at KLC school of design in 2011.

I worked for two Interior Design companies focused on a mix of residential and commercial work, before setting up on my own in Oxfordshire and later joining the Dulux Design Service franchise for the Oxford & Warwickshire region.

Following a move to the Kent coast, I rebranded as Honey Interior Design with projects ranging from family homes, to schools and workplaces.

Alongside the interior design work, I’ve delivered colour training for AkzoNobel at the Dulux Academy and continue to run design & business skills workshops in Kent and on-line.

Lisa Honiball - Interior Design Insiders
If you want to know what being an interior designer is really all about and how to start your own business, there is no better person to learn from.
Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director AkzoNobel
Lisa Honiball - Interior Design Insiders

I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

Establishing an interior design studio for different markets in different locations has taught me a lot about setting up a thriving interior design business. The quick routes to market, how to find clients and package & price service offerings that work.

My combined business background, teaching and leadership skills, with 12+ years of hands-on experience, uniquely place me to offer support & guidance to other interior designers.

I’ll be a trustworthy, calm and kind influence in your business. I value health and wealth – and bringing joy and fun into work!

It was such a joy talking to you today; it felt a bit like what I’d imagine therapy would be like! Business Therapy…
Karen Robinson, Owner of Ruby Red Interiors

Let's build your business together.

This is my commitment to our industry.

As an Interior Designer, you know the healing power of home. When you become a member of the Interior Design Insiders community, not only do you build a business that allows you to create amazing homes for your clients, but you directly support women and children fleeing domestic abuse or experiencing furniture poverty.

10% of our profits go to Furnishing Futures

Furnishing Futures takes furniture and homewares donated by the interiors industry and creates healing homes that support women and children’s wellbeing and raises self-esteem. The charity supports families by creating beautiful homes, designed well.

We also champion diversity and as a business and Interior Designer I have made the Design for Diversity Pledge which promises that I endeavour to always include people of every colour, gender and sexuality across my business from visibility, communications and marketing, to work opportunities, contracting and media events.

Let's work together.

Lisa x

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