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If you’re an Interior Designer and you’re not using AI you’re missing a trick!

There are various types of AI that can be used by designers, but the most obvious one is using text-to-image generators to create design concepts for your clients.

Do you want to learn more?

In this workshop where we’ll cover all aspects of using AI in your interior design business, and demystify some of the concerns about it.

Be amongst the first designers to get the info about the workshop and from an early bird price.


upcoming events.

Marketing fundamentals

Everything you need to know about finding clients, building a steady pipeline, avoiding the cycle of feast and building a profitable business



  • the essential marketing ‘pre-work’ 
  • routes to market
  • marketing ‘stock-take’
  • lead source and marketing spend tracker
  • BONUS – a handy marketing planner designed for Interior Designers. Use this template to plan out your marketing year and grow an amazing Interior Design business.   


Join this interactive colour session for Interior Designers.


Guidance and resources to support you in your colour conversations with customers, and tools to help you work with colour in your interior design practice. 

We’ll cover: colour & science,  colour language, colour psychology, and colour & light. It’s a fun and informative session that:

  • boosts your colour knowledge.
  • helps you talk to clients confidently about colour.
  • expands the way you use colour in design.
What a session full of little gems! Absolutely feel confident that I am moving forwards with my business and relationship between me & clients is crystal clear.
Jana Robinson - The Emerald Lounge