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About Us

Founded by Interior Designers for Interior Designers, we want to demystify the industry for Interior Design professionals.

The Interior Design Insiders membership community will help you, because doing things alone sucks.

Celebrate your success and get support through your business challenges.

Time for Change

As an industry Interior Designers can be closed off, competitive, and unwilling to share advice and knowledge. Trades and supplier contacts are fiercely guarded. It can all feel a bit exclusive and secretive, with established designers unwilling to share ‘insider knowledge’ and collaboration uncommon.

It’s time to shake this up.

There is no one way of doing things within this business, no published rate card, specific set of services you have to provide, or governing body. Sure, there are a multitude of guidelines, but it can often feel unclear and a bit overwhelming.

What if you could bounce around a couple of ideas? See how other Interior Designers were doing it?

We all get stuck on occasion. Perhaps the creative juices aren’t flowing, your regular suppliers aren’t throwing up just the right item to make the scheme sing, or you have an issue with a trade and you’re just not sure how to handle it.

What if you had a whole community of interior designers who had your back? 

Maybe they’ve been in your position before or have a good idea of how to overcome a problem.

Perhaps it would just feel good to share a design scheme with someone who is as overjoyed with your colour combinations as you are, or who totally gets the design references you’ve made throughout the scheme.

The joy of feeling SEEN and UNDERSTOOD.

Membership Benefits

Celebrate your success and get support through your business challenges.

We are a supportive community of peers. A safe place to engage in open conversation, share knowledge, get advice, participate in events, and connect with like-minded individuals within the interior design industry.

It’s a chance to see how other interior designers work, continue your professional development, and feel confident in how you are running your business.

The Interior Design Insiders membership is not a school, and not here to teach you a specific way of doing something. 

It's about working smarter and more efficiently as a result of hearing the stories, experiences, and ideas of people on the same path.

  • Explore the services you offer and how you price
  • Share tips and tricks for working with trades & suppliers
  • Ask sourcing questions
  • Get feedback on a design scheme
  • Chat through how to handle a tricky client situation
  • Celebrate a new project sign-up or landing a magazine feature.
  • Access exclusive workshops & events inside the community


Who's it for?

Whether you are recently qualified, working on your first client project or have been in practice for several years – if you run your own interior design business, and you want to be inspired, connect with other designers, and continue to learn your craft – then Interior Design Insiders is for you.

It’s the insider’s guide to being an Interior Designer – because all of our members ARE Interior Designers. 


  • If you are UK based. Designers should be practising in the UK as legislation and qualifications for the interior design profession vary geographically
  • There will be no qualification pre-requisites to join the membership. However, you need to have gained either interior design qualifications or experience working in the industry, and be serious about running your own interior design business.
  • You’re willing to get involved and join in with the community – an engaged community will require a time commitment. The membership success will rely on active members.
  • You enjoy learning and building on your existing skills
  • You are open to other people’s ideas and willing to share your own experience.


  • If Interior Design is just a hobby
  • If you want to gain an interior design qualification. Whilst we’ll offer some sessions on improving and honing your skills – from CAD to Colour Psychology, and confidence to dealing with conflict, you need to get the basic skills and/or qualifications first
  • You have it all figured out and don’t want to change anything about your business.
  • You are not willing to share your sources, experience, or ideas
  • You are too busy to commit time to engaging in a community. The membership is available 24*7 for you to dip in and out of as suits you best – but its success will rely on active members.

Join the Interior Design Insiders membership today by signing up to a monthly or annual subscription plan.

Come and have a seat at the table.

Got questions? Contact us at [email protected]


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